Duration: 7 -14 Days.

Price: 7 days - $2000, 14 days - $3800. The price does not include accommodation.


Quality of one’s life can be significantly decreased due to physical and emotional stress. The stress is accompanied by chronic headache, memory problems, lack of concentration and irritability. Incorrect diet and physical activity, as well as lack of sleep, also promote stress development.

Program “Antistress” aims to remove stress, improve quality of life, enhance one’s capabilities and correct the sleep cycle. 

The program focuses on fighting oxidative stress, which by modern science is considered to cause multiple diseases and premature aging.

Standard program (Calculation for 7 days) includes:

The first day is the same as “BIOLI Intro”

2-7 Days include the following procedures:

  • Session of breathing exercies
  • Nordic walking using special poles
  • Fitness at the gym
  • Maxiflex procedure
  • Feet Maxiflex procedure
  • Head, Neck and Hand massage
  • Chiro massage
  • Phyto bath
  • Contrast shower of special technology
  • Magnetic therapy
  • Dermotony
  • Follow-up diagnostics at the end of the program

The progam also includes three meals a day with Georgian endemic phyto elements.

*During the process, the program may be modified or extended based on one’s medical history.