Duration: 7 -14 Days.

Price: 7 days - $2000, 14 days - $3800. The price does not include accommodation.


Environmental pollution, unhealthy habits (alcohol, tobacco) and nutrition and frequent use of medications can cause the accumulation of harmful toxins in your body, which can lead to various negative reactions. As a result, the immune system is weakened, gastrointestinal function is decreased, we feel lack of energy, excess weight is gained.

Program “DETOX” aims to free the organism from toxins and heavy metals. As a result, well-being and metabolism are improved, ability to work is increased, immune system is boosted and the skin regains healthy look.  

The program focuses on fighting oxidative stress, which by modern science is considered to cause multiple diseases and premature aging.


Standard program (Calculation for 7 days) includes:

The first day is the same as “BIOLI Intro”.

2-7 Days include the following procedures:

  • Session of breathing exercises
  • Scandinavian walk using special walking sticks
  • Fitness at the gym
  • Feet Maxiflex procedure
  • Head, Neck and Hand massage
  • Lymphatic drainage procedure
  • Detox thermo-packing with mud
  • Chiro massage
  • Phyto bath
  • Contrast shower of special technology
  • Body thermal treatment
  • Dermotony
  • Follow-up diagnostics at the end of the program

The program also includes three meals a day with Georgian endemic phyto elements.

*During the process, the program may be modified or extended based on one’s medical history.