Physical Activity


Step-aerobics strengthens leg muscles, spine, abdominal muscles; it has positive effects on blood circulation. It is also effective for prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases.

Fitball or Fitness-ball

Exercises performed with fitball enhance muscle tone, stimulate bone system functionality, enhance the flexibility of the spine, reduce the load of intervertebral discs, improve coordination. During the exercises with fitball a major strain falls on the back and abdominal muscles; in addition, it supports internal organs blood flow and thus stimulates their function.


Nordic Walking With Poles

This health-improving walking style with the usage of special poles is useful for musculoskeletal disease prevention and therapy.


Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises performed in the fresh air, under conditions of Bioli's unique micro-climate promote sharp improvement of lungs function; They have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, result in a soothing effect and provide with a sense of full harmony with the environment. Influence of the breathing exercises on the baroreceptors result in the activation of blood supply and physiological processes.