Duration: 2 Days.

Price: $400. The price does not include accommodation.


“BIOLI Intro” is a two-day program which offers full diagnostics as well as specific recommendations from BIOLI scientific group for guests interested in healthy lifestyle.

So-called “healthy” nutrition and fitness activities do not often deliver the results we desire (individual characteristics of our organism are responsible for this kind of outcome), which can be a great demotivation. Every organism has a specific level of oxidative stress and accumulated toxins, as well as fluid, fat, mineral and muscle composition. BIOLI full diagnostics takes these factors into consideration while creating the wellness plan to correct your lifestyle. Depending on these plans, the guests receive detailed advice on nutrition and physical activity types, which are designed for an individual.

In addition, “Intro” includes relaxing procedures from BIOLI wellness programs, which aim to eliminate general stress and improve well-being.   

“Intro” is a good choice for those who need lifestyle correction based on qualified medical advice. This program is also beneficial for those who would like to know more about extended BIOLI Wellness programs.

The first day includes following procedures:

  • Full diagnostics; The results of this procedure will be revealed by BIOLI scientific group in detail to the guest on the next day
  • Neurosedative massage
  • Feet Maxiflex procedure
  • Phytobath (Depending on medical history, can be planned for the next day)
  • Presentation on Georgian phyto resources by a specialist and selection of an individual complex
  • Scandinavian walk using special walking sticks 

The program also includes three meals a day with Georgian endemic phyto elements.

The second day is planned by BIOLI Scientific group, according to the specific recommendations.

*During the process, the program may be modified or extended based on one’s medical history.