Kojori is a climate resort on the middle belt mountains surrounding Tbilisi. The resort zone benefits from clean mountain air, summers of average heat, moderate winds and humidity and the sequence of plain and semi-coniferous forests and meadows of fragrant grass. Such a climate helps in restoring the overall health of the body and increasing resistance towards diseases. It also creates a great precondition for aerotherapy.

Kojori possesses interesting historical value as well. The Agarata Fortress (also known as Kojori Fortress) erect in its proximity is dated to the XI century. It used to be of great strategic importance for the feudal Georgia, since it crossed the only road from Armenia-Sabaratiano to Tbilisi. Kojori is also home to another notable medieval monument - the Udzo Monastery.

Throughout the centuries, Kojori has served as a summer residence for Kings and aristocrats, due to its special climate and gorgeous views. Nowadays, more and more people come here to improve their immune system and treat respiratory diseases.