Wine Tour

Wine Tour at Chateau Zegaani (Exclusively from Bioli)

Visiting the local wine estate is definitely the most impressive parts of traveling across Georgia - the cradle of wine.

Chateau Zegaani, set up similar to a French chateau in the beginning of the XIX century by Lord Aleksandre Chavchavadze, is the hearth of European winemaking in the country. The estate of great historical and architectural value is located in the Kakheti region. It is noteworthy that throughout a certain period of time, this chateau was the favorite summer residence of the Russian Emperor, Alexander III. Today, Chateau Zegaani belongs to the Tatulashvili family, producing precious, organic Georgian wine.

The wine tour at Chateau Zegaani is an unforgettable experience. Authentic environment, delicious wines and the gorgeous estate leaves no space for indifference. An interesting program provides a fascinating angle to the Georgian winemaking culture. The wine tour lasts an entire day and other than wine tasting, includes a tour around the state, baking Shoti bread in a ‘tone’ and a traditional Georgian dinner.