Optimal Detox

The unique detoxing method, specially designed by Bioli was developed based on seven years of scientific and medical research conducted with leading specialists from Europe and America.

During the course of the program toxins are eliminated from your whole body, including the digestive system. As a result, the metabolism improves, which positively affects weight loss. The feeling of heaviness and fatigue disappears. Along with an upsurge of energy, your mental capacity increases noticeably. After completing the program you will look 2-3 years younger.

Toxins and heavy metals accumulated in the body are eliminated by a safe, non-invasive detox method. The accurate method of diagnosis enables us to create a tailored program considering individual characteristics of your body.

"Optimal detox" is recommended for everyone who often takes medication, consumes unhealthy food, and alcohol/tobacco; is under long-term stress and lives in a bad ecological environment (such as big cities, megapolis cities and heavily industrialized regions). 

The coordinator of the creation of the original detox method is the chief wellness expert of Bioli, an honorary doctor of Tbilisi State Medical University and nutritionist Mikheil Kochiashvili.

Duration: 7 Days

Price: $3400