Premium Revival

The goal of the wellness program is a full revitalization of the body, increasing its vital potential.

The personal program based on anamnesis and diagnostic studies aims to correct disorders at the cellular level and restoring health.

Comprehensive wellness therapy improves physical and mental status along with the metabolism and energetical balance that have been compromised by stress/disease(s); As a result, work efficiency and general well-being increase.

Individually selected wellness treatments and a diet rich in medicinal phyto-resources help remove harmful elements from the body, effectively neutralizing the negative effects of drug therapy.

Ionized mountain air purifies the respiratory system, while infusion therapy increases the body's resistance to viral and infectious diseases.

The program helps the body to heal itself, allowing it to fully restore its vital potential.

  • The program also includes three meals a day with Georgian endemic phyto elements, nutritional supplements if necessary, also melatonin if necessary.
  • For more information about your plan, please see the "details" section below.

Duration: 7 - 14 Days

Price: 7 Days - $3364, 14 Days - $6380