Smart Detox

The unique detoxing method, specially designed by Bioli, is unique and was developed based on seven years of scientific and medical research conducted with leading specialists from Europe and America.

The program is recommended for those who have taken psychotropic, sleeping or narcotic drugs, antibiotics; consume tobacco or large amounts of alcohol; have undergone general anaesthesia; notice the symptoms of premature ageing or live in a bad ecological environment (big cities, megapolis cities, industrially developed regions).

During the program toxins are eliminated from your whole body, including fatty tissue where a large number of harmful substances accumulate. As a result, the metabolism of the body significantly improves and extra pounds are gone. The process of cell restoration begins, which leads to increasing vitality. The program also has an excellent effect on the skin - its structure improves, and the surface becomes perfectly smooth and clean. After completing the program, a person looks 3 - 5 years younger.

Toxins and heavy metals accumulated in the body are removed by a safe, non-invasive, detox method. The accurate method of diagnosis enables us to make a program that considers the body's individual characteristics.

The coordinator of the creation of the original detox method is the chief wellness expert of Bioli, an honorary doctor of Tbilisi State Medical University, and nutritionist Mikheil Kochiashvili.

Duration: 10 - 14 Days

Price: 10 Days - $4100, 14 Days - $6200