Stress factors that stimulate oxidative processes are a part of everyday human life. Oxidation weakens the ability of the cell to self-regenerate the body that leads to premature aging. In addition, it significantly increases the possibility of developing a number of serious diseases.

All Bioli programs are oriented on fighting an oxidative stress. From the modern scientific viewpoint, this strategy is considered as the best for preventing diseases and premature aging.

Medical diagnostics that are conducted at Bioli according to unique methods are of utmost importance for selection of relevant program. First of all, the oxidative status is evaluated at cellular level and number of toxins are identified in the organism, as well as liquid, fat, muscular mass and mineral component compositions. Based on the mentioned diagnostics and anamnesis medical team accurately defines a specific program needed for an individual person to be healthy. Considering the foregoing the complex measures are planned that incorporate physical activities and various types of procedures. These measures together with functional nutrition aim at eliminating oxidative stress.  

Bioli offers four types of programs to the visitors:

Bioli intro

Anti-stress program

Detox program

Chronic fatigue Management

Bioli intro is an introductive program which together with the complete diagnostics, provides recommendations made by the medical team for correction of lifestyle. The visitor receives procedures from wellness programs that are used to relieve stress in general.

“Anti-stress”, “Detox” and “Chronic fatigue Management” are long-term wellness programs that aim at relief from certain stress factors.

Based on individual diagnostics as well as in the course of program it may be recommended to modify the program or to change its duration. In certain cases, as required individually, combined programs may be selected as well.