Stress factors that stimulate the oxidative process are a part of everyday human life. Oxidation weakens the ability of the cell to help the body regenerate, and this can lead to premature aging. In addition, the oxidative process can significantly increase the likelihood of developing a number of serious diseases.

All Bioli programs are oriented toward fighting oxidative stress. From a modern scientific perspective, this strategy is considered the best for preventing diseases and premature aging.

The unique medical diagnostics conducted at Bioli are of the utmost importance in selecting the most appropriate program. First, the oxidative status is evaluated at the cellular level. The diagnostics allows us to identify the number of toxins in the organism, including the amount of liquid and fat. It also enables us to measure muscle mass and the body’s mineral composition.

Based on these diagnostics and the client’s medical history, our medical team is then able to design a program that ensures the optimum health of our client. In addition, complex measures are taken that incorporate physical activity, a functional nutrition program and various procedures, which together aim to eliminate oxidative stress.  

Bioli offers four types of programs:

Bioli Intro

Anti-Stress Program

Detox Program

Chronic Fatigue Management

Bioli Intro is an introductory program, which together with a full complement of diagnostic procedures, allows our professional medical team to provide critical lifestyle correction recommendations. During Bioli Intro, the client undergoes wellness program procedures that set out to relieve overall stress levels. 

The Anti-stress, Detox and Chronic Fatigue Management programs are long-term wellness programs that aim to relieve various stress factors.

Based on individual diagnostics, Bioli’s medical team may recommend modifying a program or to change its duration. In certain individual cases, combined programs may be selected as required.