A Strong Immune System

The ability of the body to prevent the penetration of viral or bacterial infections, or to make their course less severe, depends on the state of the immune system. 

The immune system is a complex phenomenon. It consists of cells, proteins, tissues, and organs. Therefore, its work depends on many different factors. Based on their analysis, Bioli's scientific team develops an individual immunotherapy plan which is focused on the effective functioning of the entire system.

As a result of the program, the immune system is strengthened and the protective functions of the body are activated. Aerotherapy and salt room promote lung health. General well-being and emotional status improve while life potential and disease resistance increase.


Complex immunotherapy combines several essential components:

Medical diagnostics:

  • Lab tests (complete blood count, vitamin D, B12, assessment of oxidative status);
  • Cardiac screening;
  • Functional evaluation of veins — Venoscreen
  • Diagnosis of the proportion of tissue components of the body
  • Spectrometry — Determination of micronutrients and heavy metals content
  • Flexometry;
  • Veloergometric test;
  • Thyroid ultrasound.

Intravenous infusion:

  • Antioxidant therapy;
  • Innovative OPL therapy.

Healthy nutrition and improvement of gut health:

  • Regulation of intestinal flora;
  • Individual selection of dietary supplements and vitamins;
  • Choosing a personalized nutrition model;
  • Three meals a day, enriched with immunomodulatory nutrients and antioxidants.

Wellness procedures:

  • Bio-identical signaling therapy;
  • Rejuvenating body massages;
  • Phyto procedures;
  • Halotherapy.

Physical activity:

  • Kinesiotherapy;
  • A special walking technique with poles;
  • Breathe hygiene.

Stress management:

  • Normalization of circadian rhythm and sleep;
  • Balanced daily routine.

Duration: 7–14 days

Price: 7 days — $2900, 14 days — $5220