Author of the project

The founder of BIOLI Medical and Wellness resort is Tamaz Mchedlidze M.D., a healthcare specialist and expert in wellness medicine. Though his roots lie in Georgia, Dr. Mchedlidze has lived and worked abroad for many years. Medicine has been practiced in his family for decades, as his great grandmother was a doctor and several other family members have grown to become successful doctors as well.

After graduating from the First State Medical University of Leningrad in 1991, Dr. Mchedlidze founded the first system of private medical clinics in the Russian Federation that were equipped with ultra-modern medical equipment. His 22 clinics employ 1,600 highly-qualified professionals, including 350 practicing physicians with a wide range of specialties.

Having accumulated considerable experience in the field of healthcare management, Dr. Mchedlidze defended his PhD thesis in 1997 and his doctorate thesis in 2000.

Although Dr. Mchedlidze became a greatly successful businessman over the years, he struggled with obesity. By 2004, the highly influential doctor weighed 164 kg. Because he himself was not healthy, he found it difficult to council others about their health. As he intended to set a good example for his patients, he decided to improve his overall fitness. With the help of his team of experts, Dr. Mchedlidze managed to shed 74 kg in just over a year. 

After this impressive accomplishment, Mchedlidze became convinced that the key to good health lies not in treating disease, but in the early prevention of disease. As such, Dr. Mchedlidze, along with his colleagues, began to develop a concept based on early prevention. After an exhaustive, detailed study, his team came to the conclusion that the starting point in healing the body should begin at the basic unit of life – on the cellular level. This is precisely the concept being implemented today at BIOLI Medical Wellness Resort.

“Our work is based on the real state of the human body. We are building our activity through the prism of the health of the body, rather than through pleasurable sensations. This is the difference between our resort and many others,” notes Dr. Mchedlidze. That is why BIOLI is referred to as a medical wellness resort. “All the principles on which BIOLI’s work is based, have been tested on myself, and I can guarantee that they are very effective.”

For this purpose it was necessary to choose an appropriate location. It was decided that the best conditions for the implementation of the BIOLI concept was in Dr. Mchedlidze’s historical homeland – Georgia. The small country located in the South Caucasus where the crossroads of Europe and Asia meet, provided the ideal conditions for such a project. In fact, there are more healing herbs (plants) and mineral waters in Georgia than there are on the entire European continent. Georgia was also home to Medea, the first Georgian healer. Medea was responsible for overseeing a famous garden in Georgia known for its many healing herbs (the term medicine owes its name to Medea).

The opening of a resort of this magnitude made it necessary to attract highly-qualified personnel. That’s why we selected the town of Kojori, just outside of Tbilisi, where fresh air is abundant and guests are treated to beautiful panoramic views of the city.

BIOLI’s proximity to Tbilisi has also led to the creation of a new international specialty in Georgia – wellness therapist.  The new course has already been registered at the State Medical University of Tbilisi and relevant graduate courses have been created.