Functional eating

Functional Nutrition with Environmentally-Friendly Products


Ecologically friendly products, part of which are grown in Bioli farm, provide the human body with vital and essential elements. Functional nutrition represents a great precondition for strengthening immune system and positively affects physical and psychological status.

In addition, the menu which is enriched with endemic phyto-elements, provides an anti-oxidative effect on the body, improves metabolism and boosts the immune system; it has a detoxifying effect too. Nutritional supplements are selected individually - dressings (sauces) which are made from mint, rocket, dandelion flower petals, oregano, pennyroyal, coriander, chicory and sea-buckthorn, are used for the enrichment of the menu, for therapeutic prescription.

The guests are also able to taste several types of Bioli infusions. Each infusion is a mix of medicinal plants and stands out for its unique bouquet.

The "Detox" mix cleanses the body of harmful elements, "Immuno-tea" strengthens weakened immune system, "Relax" and "Anti-stress" do a great job at releaving tension.