Functional eating

Fresh, all-natural products, some of which are grown on Bioli Farm, provide the human body with vital and essential elements. Functional nutrition represents a great precondition for strengthening the immune system and positively affects physical and psychological status.

In addition, a menu enriched with endemic phyto-elements, provides an anti-oxidative effect on the body, improves metabolism and boosts the immune system. Such a menu also has a detoxifying effect.

Nutritional supplements are selected individually. Dressings (sauces), which are made from mint, rocket, dandelion flower petals, oregano, pennyroyal, coriander, chicory and sea-buckthorn, are used for the enrichment of the menu, for therapeutic prescription.

Guests are also encouraged to sample several types of Bioli infusions. Each infusion is a mix of medicinal plants.  Also, they stand out for their unique bouquet.

The "Detox" mix cleanses the body of harmful elements, "Immuno-tea" strengthens a weakened immune system, "Relax" and "Anti-stress" do a great job relieving tension.


Our exclusive qvevri bio-wines bottled specially for BIOLI, deserve a special mention as they are wines rich in antioxidants and other important microelements.

Red wine rich in vitamins and phytoncides (150 ml per day) regulates cholesterol levels in blood and reduces the risk of thrombolytic complications, while the phyto-estrogens included in it (plant analogue of female hormones) maintains women's youth and beauty during the critical period. The powerful antioxidant effects of wines produced from Georgian grape varietal makes them unique in terms of their enotherapeutic features.