Wellness Silhouette

The goal of this one-day wellness package is to refine body contours and correct problem areas in the shortest time possible.

Procedures are carried out employing the leading European technologies: IMPERIUM Med 400 and vacuum-roller massage, Le skin V7 device.

The procedures selected by the leading Bioli specialists will help you achieve the desired and visible results, namely, reducing body shape, and increasing the elasticity and tone of the skin and subcutaneous tissues.


The package includes:

  • Express consultation — 10 minutes
  • Biol's signature phyto-mineral cocktail
  • Exercise on a water bike — 30 minutes
  • Dermotony of the body — 60 minutes
  • Body RF lifting — 2 zones (of your choice) — 60 minutes


Duration: 2 hours 45 minutes

10% discount for the first visit.

Package price: 295 USD