Physical Activity

Breathing exercises — 58 ₾

Breathing exercises performed in the unique natural environment of Bioli are very effective: they help to normalize the respiratory system. These exercises have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, improve mood and create a feeling of complete harmony.


Exercises for joint health — 87 ₾

Complex exercises stimulate specific joints which allows avoiding the risk of developing bone and joint diseases and improves the condition of a damaged joint at an early stage. Exercises for joints improve blood circulation, muscle condition, relieve pain and tension while increasing the flexibility of the spine.


Nordic walking — 73 ₾

Nordic walking is a safe walking technique using special sticks. Nordic walking exercises 90% of body muscles and burns 46% more calories compared to regular walking. It is beneficial for the prevention and therapy of musculoskeletal system diseases, improves heart and lung functions.


Decompression exercises on the crossover gym — 102 ₾

Stretching exercises on the antigravity crossover training equipment has the leading position in Kinesiotherapy. These exercises reduce pressure on intervertebral discs and joints, improve blood circulation and nutrition in tissues, stop spasms and strengthen the spinal muscular cortex. Once the diagnostic research is completed, the exercise program is individually selected which enables us to prevent bone and joint diseases at an early stage. With injured joints, these exercises have a therapeutic effect and are used to prevent further complications.


Aqua bike — 119 ₾

Aqua Bike is an effective and complex method combining physical activity in the water and a hydro massage. A hydro massage improves blood circulation which has an anti-cellulite effect, particularly in the hip zones. Water pressure reduces the load on joints. Pedaling provides cardio workout and improves the functionality of the cardio-vascular system. It must be noted that combining physical activity in the water and a hydro massage has a significantly more effective result than they do separately.