Thanks to innovative methods and medical technologies, a scientific team of Bioli evaluates human health at the cellular level.

An exclusive analysis of cellular health diagnostics let us evaluate risk factors and therefore prevent the development of many diseases as well as premature ageing. Our guest gets an individual wellness profile and detailed recommendations on becoming perfectly healthy.

Diagnostic testing is performed in the morning, on an empty stomach. The guest meets a scientific team of Bioli to discuss the results and get recommendations after several days. 

Cellular health diagnostics is an essential part of our wellness programs. Also, it can be purchased separately. The diagnostics costs $500.

Cellular health diagnostics include following methods:


Identifying oxidative stress

Environmental pollution, smoking, irregular or unbalanced nutrition, high alcohol consumption, inadequate physical activity, chronic consumption of some medicines, infectious diseases – this is only a short list of the multiple factors that result in chemical stress on the cellular level, which is caused by an imbalance between the body’s production of reactive substances (free radicals) and the physiological ability of specific protection (antioxidants).

Among modern scientific opinions, it is the oxidative stress that is responsible for the premature aging process and for the development of over 100 diseases (arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, ulcerative colitis, pancreatitis, obesity, diabetes, chronic bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis and various tumors). Innovative testing for d-ROMs (free radical levels) and PAT (the antioxidant ability of the body) allow for the timely assessment of the onset of collapse on the cellular level and the planning of adequate treatments. 



Via an exclusive, state-of-the-art spectrometry technique, the levels of 20 vital micro-elements and 14 toxic elements in the cells can be measured, allowing us to assess health risks and prevent any possible complications in a timely fashion. Using this technique, a determination regarding any deficiency or accumulation of essential microelements and accumulation of toxic elements can be made much earlier than by traditional diagnostic techniques (blood and urine tests). Therefore, we are able to correct disturbances prior to identifying a clinical picture of any deficiencies or intoxications. 


Estimating body composition by a bioelectric impedance analysis

Modern methods of non-invasive multi-frequency bioelectric impedance make it possible to estimate up to 50 parameters of body composition in 10 minutes. The monitoring of fluid, fat, muscle-mass and mineral components in the body and their distribution is crucial in the early prevention of many diseases. No effective management of adequate nutrition and physical activity is possible without knowing factual data pertaining to human body composition.


Estimating heart rate variability

This method allows us to estimate the functional condition and status of the vegetative nervous system. The method also helps identify a type of imbalance within the vegetative nervous system’s regulation (sympathetic or parasympathetic). This information allows us to select a specific wellness-program for each individual and prevent any risks of morbidity caused by a vegetative imbalance. 


Cycle ergometer test

This test is used to estimate the functional state of the cardiopulmonary system. It is important to take part in adequate physical activity in the prevention of cardiovascular complications due to inadequate physical exercise.



This method is used to quickly and safely identify the “hot sources”, i.e. early signs of inflammatory processes in the musculoskeletal system and to set in motion preventive measures prior to manifestation of clinical signs and symptoms.


Assessment of the functional state of veins (Venoscreen)

This method enables us to assess the functional state of veins, the operation of the valve apparatus and the venous filling time. The research is used to assess risks and avoid complications. The test helps us select the right procedures and physical exertion for our guests.


Arterial function measurement

The complex arterial function (stiffness) measurement is conducted by innovative device which measures all the relevant arterial function parameters such as aortic pulse wave velocity, augmentation index and central blood pressure. This method provides an easy, fast, accurate and user-independent method for assessing vascular age.

Echocardiography test

Echocardiography i.e. diagnostic cardiac ultrasound gives us information about functional condition of the heart. It lets us assess heart chambers, valves and muscle compression. Echocardiography is a non-invasive, painless and routine test widely used to evaluate cardiovascular system during a preventive examination, in order to timely discover functional cardiac disorders.

Electrocardiography (EKG)

Electrocardiography is a routine, painless examination during which electrical impulses in the heart’s muscle are recorded. This procedure is widely used in cardiology for diagnostics to plan preventive measures.


24 hour blood pressure and EKG (Holter) monitoring

Holter monitoring records an arterial pressure and a heart rate continuously for 24 hours.

This method gives us information about how the heart works whether an individual is active or resting.


A thyroid ultrasound

A thyroid ultrasound is a safe and painless method which evaluates structural condition of a thyroid gland, local and diffusive damage and presence of nodules.



Flexometry employs a device that allows us to measure spine flexibility and observe the dynamic and effects our special exercise programs have on the spine. Improvement in spine flexibility is one of the most important preconditions in preventing general fatigue and back pain.



This method is used to measure overall muscle strength and assess the effectiveness of muscle-strengthening exercises by comparing a series of analogical data.


Wellness profile

The information obtained via the Bioli Wellness Diagnostic Complex, as well as a special questionnaire, provides useful insight into the micro and macro-anatomic, functional and psycho-emotional status of our client. This data is then processed by a sophisticated computer program, and from there, an individual wellness program is developed for each individual guest.


Fitness Profile

Physical activity is one of the leading directions of medical wellness and the proper and individual selection of the workout is an essential component of wellness programs. Fitness-diagnostics enables the assessment of a guest’s physical and cardio-respiratory functions, resulting in the creation of a fitness profile. Considering these results, it is possible to create an individual workout program providing the chance to properly set out preventive measures and avoid complications due to incorrect exercise.